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Lauren G Adams  B-62301GBLACK

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  B-62301GGABYGR

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  B-62301GWHITE

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  E-36024BLUE67

Flowers by Orly-Small Huggie Earrings

Lauren G Adams  N-62301BLACK80

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-62301GBLACK

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-70701GTURQUO

Pretty Little Things-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-70701ONYX

Pretty Little Things-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-G7832SET

Gabriella Necklace with Playing Cards Charm Set

Lauren G Adams  N-G7838SET

Gabriella Necklace with Rolling Dice Charm Set

Lauren G Adams  R-651021BLACK

Charming 2-Ring

Lauren G Adams  E-64201RHODIUM

Rose Garden-French Clip Earrings

Lauren G Adams  E-70701GTURQUO

Pretty Little Things-Dangle Earrings

Lauren G Adams  N-516061GHOTPI

Prince Charming-Round-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-5678GGOLD

Gabriella Necklace

Lauren G Adams  B-63102GBLUE48


Lauren G Adams  B-70703GBABYBL

Pretty Little Things-Stackable Bangle

Lauren G Adams  B801014LAVENDA

LOLO-Lavender Agate Gemstone Bead Bracelet

Lauren G Adams  CA-70130GGOLD

Gabriella Poker Chips Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  CA-70132GGOLD

Gabriella Playing Cards Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  CA-70138GGOLD

Gabriella Rolling Dice Charm Bead