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Betsey Johnson  50B05326-B01

Flower Bead Stretch Bracelet

Betsey Johnson  50B05897-E01

Blue Ladybug Studs

Betsey Johnson  50B08062-E01

Bow Pearl Stud Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B08332-E01

Cat Stud Earring

Betsey Johnson  50B08936-N03

Pink Flower Y-Necklace

Betsey Johnson  50B09149-N01

Heart Cluster Necklace

Betsey Johnson  50B09253-Silver

CZ Halo Studs in Silver

Betsey Johnson  50B09380-E03

Rosegold Pave Bow Hoops Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B10000-E01

The Menagerie Collection

Betsey Johnson  50B10215-E01

Bulldog Stud Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B10288-N01

Beaded Illusion Necklace

Betsey Johnson  50B10645-E01

Skull Drop Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B10742-E01

Pearl Frog Studs

Betsey Johnson  50B10743-E01

Pearl Owl Drop Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B10744-E01

Pearl Cat Studs

Betsey Johnson  50B10785-E01

Heart and Skull Earring Set

Betsey Johnson  50B11503-E01

Bamboo-Style Gold Hoop Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B11557-N01

Pave Black Cat Pendant

Betsey Johnson  50B11572-E01

Pave Black Cat Studs

Betsey Johnson  50B11729-N01

Lucite Heart Pendant

Betsey Johnson  50B11744-E01

Lucite Heart Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B11858-E01

BLUE by Betsey CZ Pearl Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B12479-N01

Multi-Crystal Necklace

Betsey Johnson  50B12486-E01

Floral Mixed-Stone Stud Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B13395-E01

Heart Safety Pin Drop Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B13662-E02

Betsey Teardrop Crystal Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B14148-E01

CZ Studs in Rosegold

Betsey Johnson  50B14420-E01

Owl Drop Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B14421-E01

CZ Cat Drop Earrings

Betsey Johnson  50B14519-E01

Bow Stud Earring Set

Betsey Johnson  50B3727

Skull Pattern Dial Gold-tone Watch

Betsey Johnson  50BJ32511-PINK

Cold Blooded Satchel

Betsey Johnson  50BJ32541-PINK

Charmed Life Satchel

Betsey Johnson  50BJ32600-BLKW

Betsified Black/White Top Zip

Betsey Johnson  50BJ462106-GOLD

Aviator Sunglasses in Gold

Betsey Johnson  50BJ54600-CREAM

Wavy Days Crossbody

Betsey Johnson  50BJ70700F

Chevron Wrist Wallet

Betsey Johnson  50BJ71105F

Fur Your Eyes Only Heart Crossbody

Betsey Johnson  50BJ71450F

Pumpkin Spice Crossbody

Betsey Johnson  50BJ72100-BLACK

Curly Girl Crossbody Satchel in Black

Betsey Johnson  50BJ72100-BLUSH

Curly Girl Crossbody Satchel in Blush

Betsey Johnson  50BJ72810-BLACK

Rock Candy Satchel

Betsey Johnson  50BJ74820

Snowgal Crossbody

Betsey Johnson  50BJ869101-LEO

Leopard Print Sunglasses

Betsey Johnson  50BJ97125-BLACK

Between the Lines Backpack-Black

Betsey Johnson  50BJ97125-WHITE

Between the Lines Backpack-White

Betsey Johnson  50BJ97600-BLACK

Telephone Belt Bag

Betsey Johnson  50BJ97605-BW

Speak Up Belt Bag

Betsey Johnson  50BJ97725-BROWN

I Heart New Yorkie Crossbody

Betsey Johnson  50BM18655

Mini Ruffle Cosmetic