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Elenco  EDU-36793

Rock Tumbler

Elenco  EDU-41011

100x-900x Zoom Microscope Set

Elenco  SC-3DMEG

Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G.

Elenco  SCL-175

Snap Circuits Light

Elenco  SC-STEM1

Snap Circuits STEM Learning Set Ages 8+ Years

Elenco  EDU-2837

11" Dual-Cartography LED Illuminated Globe

Elenco  EDU-62019

Tumbling Robot Ages 8+ Years

Elenco  EDU-7075

Chemistry 60 Science Kit

Elenco  ENG-IG10

Inventor Girl 10 Model Set Ages 6+ Years

Elenco  SC-BRIC1

Snap Circuits BRIC Structures Ages 8+ Years

Elenco  SCB-20

Snap Circuits Beginner Set Ages 5+ Years

Elenco  SCBE-75

Snaptricity with 75 Projects