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Lauren G Adams  N-62301BLACK80

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-62301GBLACK

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  B-62301GBLACK

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  B-62301GGABYGR

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  B-62301GWHITE

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  B-63102GBLUE48


Lauren G Adams  B-70703GBABYBL

Pretty Little Things-Stackable Bangle

Lauren G Adams  B801014LAVENDA

LOLO-Lavender Agate Gemstone Bead Bracelet

Lauren G Adams  CA-70130GGOLD

Gabriella Poker Chips Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  CA-70132GGOLD

Gabriella Playing Cards Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  CA-70138GGOLD

Gabriella Rolling Dice Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  E-70701GTURQUO

Pretty Little Things-Dangle Earrings

Lauren G Adams  N-516061GHOTPI

Prince Charming-Round-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-70701ONYX

Pretty Little Things-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  R-651021BLACK

Charming 2-Ring

Lucky Brand  40JLRU7525

Clover Leather Bracelet

Lucky Brand  40JLRU7675

Feather Charm Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRU8167-GOLD

Fan Feather Leather Cord Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRU8572

Elephant Bangle Bracelet

Lucky Brand  40JLRU8971

Glitz Necklace with Clover

Lucky Brand  40JLRU8973

Glitz Necklace with Elephant

Lucky Brand  40JLRY0227

Double Drop Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JLRY1860

Turquoise Hoop Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JLRY3214

Silver and Pearl Layer Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRY5913

Tri-tone Link Bracelet

Lucky Brand  40JLRY5916

Tri-tone Linear Pendant Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRY6819

Two-tone Pendant with Fringe

Lucky Brand  40JLRY7638

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JLRY7669

Two-tone Cuff Bracelet

Lucky Brand  40JLRY8035

Two-tone Petal Statement Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRY8548

Turquoise Collar Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRY8934

Hinged Gold Bangle Bracelet

Lucky Brand  40JWEL0381

Round Reversible Pendant

Lucky Brand  40JWEL1683

Gold Heart Safety Pin Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JWEL1684

Silver Heart Safety Pin Earrings

Michael Kors  MKC1001AN710

Mercer Link Sterling 14K Pave Halo Bangle

Michael Kors  MKC1014AN710

Sterling Gold Mercer Link Pave Halo Hoops

Monet  25MNRUBV59

Gold Double Disc Pendant

Polo Ralph Lauren  12L31983732

Lauren by Ralph Lauren 2-Row Knot Chain...

Polo Ralph Lauren  3175123

Travel Box in Brown

Polo Ralph Lauren  6049-EZ6-887

Two-Tone Collar Necklace and Hoop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491087-G03

Lauren 10mm Pearl Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491089-G03

Lauren 6mm Pearl Stud Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491100-5ZU

Lauren Pave Open Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491103-5ZU

Lauren Ralph Lauren CZ Studs

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491111-G03

Lauren Silver Stud Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491118-EZ6

Lauren Two-Tone Button Stud Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491122-G03

Lauren Silver Teardrop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491123-G03

Lauren Ralph Lauren Ball Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491221-G03

Silver Twisted Link Door Knocker Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491232-887

Lauren Gold Concave Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491263-G03

Lauren Silver Bead Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491264-EZ6

Lauren Two-Tone Collar Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491265-G03

Lauren 2-Row Knot Silver Chain Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491266-D60

Lauren 6mm Pearl Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491268-G03

Lauren Silver Braided Chain Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491269-G03

Lauren Silver Bead Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491999-EZ6

Crest Open Cuff Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60492046-EZ6

Two-tone Crest Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496743-358

Horn Medium Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496754-G03

Silver Rectangle Link Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496782-358

Tortoise and Gold Hoop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496796-G03

Croco Embossed Cuff Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496798-G03

Croc Emobssed Bangle

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496799-G03

Croco Embossed Small Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496840-5ZU

Pave Link Y-Necklace