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Blomus FRAGRA - Large Candle in Concrete Container

Product Details

Blomus - 65656
FRAGRA - Large Candle in Concrete Container
The Large Scented Candle from the FRAGRA collection features a unique fragrance in a beautifully colored concrete container. Blomus fragrantly enters the scented candle market with a collection of candles with natural scents of fig, sandalwood, sea salt, sage and myrrh. Our aromatic notes come from the natural world, which means that the room is just ever so subtly and lightly perfumed. Natural soy wax candle burns cleanly and is free of toxicant. Candles contain no palm, have extremely low soot production and are environmentally friendly. Burn time 60-70 hours. Beautiful colored concrete container can be used after candle has been burned out as a storage jar or to plant small succulents. Concrete container colors coordinate beautifully with Blomus linens, storage containers and vases. Measures 4.33 in high x 3.55 in diameter. Color: Withered Rose. Fragrance: Sea Salt and Sage.